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Samurai Spirits

Title: Spirit Dreams Inside
Characters: Nakoruru
Named from: "Spirit Dreams Inside" by L'Arc~en~Ciel
Finished: 12/21/04
Comments: Whether you practice this or that, the Nakoruru skin is my present to EVERYONE for the holidays! Irresistably adorable and just asking for a snuggle!! ^_^ I haven't completed a skin in few months (university life), but I sure hope it was worth the wait. The image was a fanart, so you know what to do if it originally belongs to you (email me, baby) and tell me what's good. So Samurai Spirits, or Samurai Shodown in the States, is one of SNK's greatest video game titles EVER. It's a fighting game that consists of samurais going around and fighting evil...? XD So I haven't played it. But you SHOULD! Many characters from the Samurai Spirits games have made appearances in the Capcom vs. SNK titles, one of such is our precious Nakoruru. ^_^
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