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Samurai Champloo

Title: None this time around...
Characters: Fuu, Mugen, and Jin
Named from: Perhaps next time...?
Finished: 9/5/04
Comments: For those of you that are ultra-cool and can tell the difference from style and crap just KNOW that Samurai Champloo is the most RAW anime to come out in 2004, and probably one of the illest ever. And you definitely get points for good taste if the music is frequent in your (Winamp) playlist. If any of you download the mp3's I put up, then you know how much I plug this music. Anywho, as the world over knows, the genius Shinichiro Watanabe is directing the anime. So you fans of Cowboy Bebop should have been all over this one by at least the 3rd episode. As of now, only 14 episodes have come out so far, and 2 soundtracks. But by the time everything is wrapped up, people will be pimping Samurai Champloo more than Naruto. And you know this.
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