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Skin Artist: Kat
Title: hakkai gojyo
Character: Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo
Named from: The main characters (always...)
Finished: 31/03/05
Comments: A Skin of Hakkai and Gojyo from Genso Maden Saiyuki. This is the second of a three-of-a-kind collection, if I can say so. I like it quite much. Anyway, enjoy this skin!
Download: Click here

Skin Artist: Kat
Title: goku sanzo (I know I know, I have talent for choosing titles!)
Character: Genjyo Sanzo and Son Goku
Named from: The main characters
Finished: 29/03/05
Comments: A Skin of Goku and Sanzo from Genso Maden Saiyuki. The orange is quite.... intense, but I like it. The dark rectangles are making the picture a little bit overloaded... maybe... This skin is (well, for the moment, will be) in a kind of collection I'm creating from a great picture I found on the net. The others will be Hakkai with Gojyo and Kougaiji with Dokugakuji. I don't have Lilin nor Yaone in the same... style... what a pity, but I can't do anything about it. Anyway, enjoy this skin!
Download: Click here

Skin Artist: Kat
Title: Sanzo (does not really have a title)
Character: Genjyo Sanzo
Named from: The main character
Finished: 24/12/04
Revised: 27/03/05
Comments: This is another one of my skins. I'm quite proud of it. It turned out pretty well. I love Sanzo and this B&W picture is really nice and represents well this character. =^-^= It is a version 2, because the eye of Sanzo was in the way for the name of the song playing.... It wasn't pretty, so I changed it. I just got the main picture down a little. (My little trick!) Anyway, just enjoy it now!
Download: Click here

Title: Break Me Shake Me
Character: Sanzo Genjo
Named from: "Break Me Shake Me" by Savage Garden
Finished: 8/1/02
Comments: Well, the playlist and minibrowser could have been better. But the main and equalizer windows worked out. The background is spiffy. And does anyone else think Sanzo looks like David Bowie? I mean, seriously, I really think so. XD
Download: Click here

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