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Sailor Moon

Title: Yours Only
Character: Princess Serenity
Named from: "Yours Only" by m-flo
Finished: 5/25/05
Comments: Dude, when was the last time someone made a Sailor Moon winamp skin? It had to be YEARS ago. XD So this is my homage to the legend that made me never turn back since from the wonderful world of anime and manga, with some astromantic influences as you can see. I found the background image of some solar system through Google Image Search, but the image of Princess Serenity was scanned by yours truly from an issue of Animerica magazine. I chose this particular m-flo song because the lyrics reflect Usagi's struggles (relating to Mamoru) that she goes through during Sailormoon Sailorstars. Plus the lyrics are bittersweet (and beautiful), the song is gorgeous, and it's one of my FAVORITE m-flo songs ever! For more info (and spoilers), check out the very much in depth readme. :D
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