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Paradise Kiss

Title: Metamorphosis
Character: Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka
Named from: By me; mixture of Yukari's transformation and a butterfly's metamorphosis
Finished: 6/29/06
Comments: Six months in the making, and a year since the last completed one. Worth the wait, I hope. A lot of things are self-explanatory, such as how fab the Parakiss anime AND soundtrack are: Tommy february6 & Franz Ferdinand! <3 Initially, I wanted to name this "Neo-Venezia" and give it a whole Milan fashion/Italian theme. But I associated Neo-Venezia too much with the Aria manga and anime. XD Also, butterflies were a lovely motif throughout the Parakiss anime, so it was meant to be. Technics-wise, I feel my signature style (and every skinner has their own distinct style) of bulky buttons and functions is a bit old. However, I made up for this slump by including the minibrowser, library, avs, and video windows: here's a screenshot of the entire skin. I promise the next skin (of Ms. Haruhi Suzumiya, tyvm) will be much more minimalistic. The end, enjoy. And happy early Independence Day, USA! :)
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