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Skin Artist: Kat
Title: Loneliness
Character: Naruto
Named from: Well, the picture comes from the first ending. The song and the video makes me think about loneliness. And it was one of the major themes when the series started.
Finished: 30/03/05
Comments: My fourth skin! I really love the picture and the colors. My sister will like it I hope. I don't use any program to create my skins except Adobe and the base skin or any other one. For this skin, I used the base of the strawberry skin of Sanzo (*drool* Sanzo.... =^-^= ) This skin doesn't have AVS but got MB (a little bit of slacking off ^-_-^....)
Download: Click here

Title: Love Phantom
Character: Kakashi Hatake
Named from: "Love Phantom" by B'z
Finished: 1/5/05
Comments: And thus, I present the final skin in the B'z/Naruto series. Many have asked, and I have finally provided. Kakashi is BY FAR one of the most popular characters in the Naruto story, and one of the most AMAZING CHARACTERS IN ALL OF ANIME AND MANGA EVER. (BTW, the "Kakashi Gaiden" OWNED!) (OBITO!!!) Everyone loves Kakashi as soon as they get caught up in the Naruto craze. Just wait till it comes out over here in the States. Yes, sir. Naruto t-shirts, trapper keepers, and toys at fast food restaurants. Just pray that the ANIME NEVER GETS LICENSED, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HUMANE. I went off on a rant...but you KNOW it's true. *shakes fist*
Download: Click here

Title: Wild Wind
Character: 4th Hokage/Yondaime/"Uzumaki Arashi"
Named from: "The Wild Wind" by B'z
Finished: 8/5/04
Revised: 1/6/05
Comments: Is there anyone else out there that can tell me just how RAW he is?! We haven't even seen any action from him *yet*, but by default, we just KNOW he's the hardest thing in the whole Naruto universe. But enough about the 4th. XD Okay, this skin ISN'T's blue with red dots!! >.< Now I *think* this is the very, very first skin of Yondaime. I may be wrong...but all right, this is the very first REALLY GOOD AND FUNCTIONAL skin of Yondaime on the net. And yes, there's more in the B'z/Naruto series, so please stay tuned! ^_^
Revision Notes: Nothing much of a difference, just fixed odds and ends that could have only been noticed if you maximizd each piece. Which would be freakish. o.o;;
Download: Click here

Title: Stay Green
Character: Rock Lee
Named from: "Stay Green" by B'z
Finished: 4/9/04
Revised: 1/6/05
Comments: After over a year, the anime skin makes it's comeback. And I do it with style by skinning one of the rawest characters from (the best!) anime (ever made!). XD Yo, Rock Lee is THE man. I'm all for Kakashi too, but Lee's INSANE. Just hurry and go and watch it before it gets licensed. Some suitable places to find Naruto episodes are : Toriyama's World and Anime Suki. Also, I promise to not use this skin layout for a long a month. XD
Revision Notes: I nearly redid this skin. After doing 3 like these, I found so many mistakes in the Lee skin. So I HIGHLY recommend downloading the revised version. Do it for the squirrel! ^_^
Download: Click here

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