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King Of Fighters

Title: Ten Below Blazing
Characters: K' and Kula Diamond
Series: KOF artwork from The King Of Fighters Fighting Revolution 10th artbook
Named from: "Ten Below Blazing" by m-flo
Finished: 8/4/05
Comments: "GO!" It was pure fate for a KOF skin, especially of these two, to receive a m-flo song title. XD Okay, so I lost ALL my files in early July right after I completed the Jolin Tsai skin. I had to literally start over from scratch. But you can't let things nor circumstances get you down! And thus, I continue to skin. This song is from m-flo's 1st album, Planet Shining. And considered by many to be the BEST song off that album. On the back cover of the album, there are little emotion faces for each song. For example, the love song "Hands" has a little face with heart eyes. But for "Ten Below Blazing," the little face had angry eyes. XD And just look at Kula! She is SO gonna bust K' in no less 2 seconds. She is blazing! I also wanna mention really quick that I was finally able to make a "complete" skin. That's right, I included matching avs, library, and video too. Complete screenshots of the full skin can be seen here and here. More info in the readme, so check that out if you're mildly interested. XD All in all, one of my best skins yet! (VA, here I come!) :D
Download: Click here

Title: Valenti
Character: Kula Diamond
Series: KOF fanart by Falcoon
Named from: "Valenti" by BoA
Finished: 3/26/04
Comments: And now for something different. I hope I don't scare away fans with the colors. But when something fits, you gotta run with it, y'know? First off, Kula has an alternate form with white hair and a black suit with green gloves. Second, this image is a gorgeous fanart by Falcoon. Site available here. Also to note, I *believe* that Falcoon has been designing the character artwork for KOF 2003, check it out here. Other than that, the Japanese "Valenti" lyrics describe EXACTLY K's and Kula's relationship with each other. It's not hard to notice, but I love them very much. ^_^
Download: Click here

Title: Never Gonna Back Down
Character: K'
Series: KOF 2000
Named from: "Never Gonna Come Back Down" by BT
Finished: 1/23/04
Comments: The epitome of rawness. Using a fighting style consisting of violence, K' got better and better since his KOF debut in 1999. Not much is known about him, but the things that are known would be considered spoilers. Also, another Shinkiro piece of art. This image of K' is from KOF 2000. And by far, my fav pic of K'. Also to note, K' is my fav: SNK, fighting game, and video game character. And to the ladies...just LOOK at him! XD
Download: Click here

Title: Genesis Of Next
Characters: K' and Kula Diamond
Series: KOF 2000
Named from: "Genesis Of Next" by Globe, which is also the Cyborg 009 ending theme song
Finished: 9/28/03
Comments: Probably the most image editing I ever put into a skin. But if you would have saw the original image, then you'd understand. As for my affection for these two, they're my favorite everything. Fav characters from SNK, and my most favorite couple. And it's not a type of Miaka/Tahahome relationship we're talking about here...although, there are aspects that are similar. But, K' and Kula are...RAW. Their designs, fighting styles, personalities, etc. SNK never fails to please.
Download: Click here

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