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Title: Scarecrow
Character: Kaworu Nagisa
Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Named from: "Scarecrow" by Skillet
Finished: 6/20/02
Comments: My favorite anime/manga character of all time. I love Kaworu. My fav part of his was in the Eva movies when the kids were playing orchestra instruments, and Kaworu shows up almost late. He says something like "sorry I'm late". It may seem unsignificant, but that touched my heart. XD Anyways, this skin looks better on a dark background.
Download: Click here

Title: I Feel So...
Character: Haruko
Series: FLCL
Named from: "I Feel So" by Boxcar Racer
Finished: 6/12/02
Comments: One day, I'll fix some things on this skin. But for Haruko's a cool alien chick that plays bass and rides a scooter, but I'm sure even your goldfish that you named Nemo could tell you that.
Download: Click here

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