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Fruits Basket

Skin Artist: Kat
Title: Sleepy Kyo
Character: Kyo Souma
Named from: The fact that he is sleeping?
Finished: 11/06/05
Comments: I took the pic of Kyo on the net. It is an awesome fanart (*bow to the artist*) I simply love it, so I thought doing a skin for it. Enjoy!
Download: Click here

Title: When You're Around
Character: Shigure Sohma
Named from: "When You're Around" by Relient K
Finished: 9/20/02
Comments: I do like the look of this skin. Classy purple displaying a rather calm Shigure. TOTAL opposite than how he really is. XD By now, everyone knows what Fruits Basket is about. So Shigure is the dog of the zodiac. He has a kind, loveable, and loyal disposition. However, he may seem a little shady at times...
Download: Click here

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