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Final Fantasy X-2

Title: Your Name Never Gone
Character: Lenne
Named from: "Your Name Never Gone" by Chemistry
Finished: 5/19/04
Comments: So I'm all gun-ho and overflowing with inspiration when I first skin this. And as I'm finishing it up, all those grogeous, delicious, *NEW* images from Square's future games are released. And now FFX-2 is old news. Like tuna old. And it seems there was NO hype whatsoever for International Mission. Either no one cared...or no one cared because it was bad. XD Anywho, I present my Lenne skin. To me, I favor Lenne the most from any other FF female. She kinda looks mixed with Hawaiian, Native American, and Puerto Rican. And I think of Namie Amuro more rather than Koda Kumi when it comes to Lenne. Plus, let's not forget that sunsets are pretty!
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