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Title: Take Control
Character: Kyosuke
Series: Rival Schools and Project Justice
Named from: "Take Control" by Weezer
Finished: 2/29/04
Comments: Stylish and interesting as he is, I still find Kyosuke very mysterious. And no one ever said that was wrong. XD I love, love, love Shinkiro's artwork. This particular image is from Capcom vs. SNK 2. Shinkiro did a very lovely job of cg-ing the Capcom and SNK characters. Here's a link for the page of all the Capcom vs. SNK 2 artwork.
Download: Click here

Title: Far, Far Away
Character: Ryu
Series: Street Fighter ZERO3
Named from: "Far, Far Away" is one of the English translations of "Haruka Kanata" by the Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Finished: 11/8/03
Comments: Such a sweet skin. Between this and the K' skin, these two are my favorites. This image of Ryu was scanned by your's truly from the Capcom Design Works artbook, which was given to me by Ninja (I love you! ^_^). Everything for this skin fell together perfectly. And by far, one of the best pictures of Ryu, and my favorite. And also to note, "Haruka Kanata" is the 2nd opening song from Naruto, the best anime ever made! *shakes fist* XD
Download: Click here

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