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Title: Angel Dust
Character: Yuina Hatori & her stuffed-animal duck ^^;;
Named from: Aha XD
Finished: 3/2/05
Comments: My teeth have rottened and fell out, but I will continue my affection for the cuteness saturated with sugar (and not that Splenda doo-doo either). XD I wanted to skin this image forever. And I'm sure all you people that collect winamp skins (it's okay, you can admit it, I do too XD) have like 5 other versions of this skin. But I too wanted my own version that will rot your teeth; and thus, here's my present for spring time! It's identical to the My Little Pony skin, thus making them skin twins. And yes, I'm aware I didn't include the slash (/) in between Angel and Dust on the main window. It just didn't look right. :/ So the story is kinda cute about the main character, Yuina, "fusing" with an "angel", Seraph. And they fight a villian and save Earth, I think. It originally appeared in Newtype, and scanlations can be found at various places on the net. I found one good source at Direct Manga. Happy Spring!
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